The Adoption Process

Dogs in Distress (DID) uses a network of fosterers who offer short-term homes to the dogs that we rescue. We rely on our fosterers to provide a safe and caring environment for our dogs. Foster based care is particularly important and beneficial as our fosterers can provide great insight into the dogs personality and the kind of home he will be best suited to. This means we do not have a premises where the dogs can be visited.

You can view all of our dogs needing permanent homes in the dogs needing homes section of our website. If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs the following is the process involved:

  1. Please fill out an Adoption Form on our online adoption form HERE
  2. One of our volunteers will be in touch to discuss your application
  3. A homevisit will be arranged with you
  4. Meet the dog you are interested in
  5. Take 24hrs to make sure you are happy with your choice
  6. Donation and adoption agreement completed
  7. Take your dog home. When collecting your dog, you must have a collar and ID tag

If you have any questions regarding this process you can email

Please note, Dogs in Distress is run by volunteers who also have full time jobs, please be patient in waiting for replies. Thank you.