Choosing a Dog

Dogs in Distress provides a home based foster service to all of our rescue dogs. Our fosterers provide us with detailed information on the dogs in their care. You can find this information here where all our dogs needing permanent homes are listed.

Each dog looking for a forever home has an individual listing, and you can find lots of information about each and every one here.  By reading through their information you can learn about how a dog came into the care of Dogs in Distress and when he went into foster care. You can also read updates from the fosterer about the dog, his personality, likes and dislikes etc. and see up to date photos and sometimes even video footage of the dog. This can help you to see if your chosen dog is the right dog for you.

Visiting the listings of dogs available for adoption allows you to make an informed decision about adopting a dog from Dogs in Distress.

Click here to visit dogs & pups available for adoption.