Exercise & Play

Dogs need regular exercise to ensure continuing good health. Exercise and play will benefit your dog’s health and could prevent behavioural problems. Dogs love to play. Set aside time each day for play sessions. Apart from the obvious benefit of having fun together, play also provides an outlet for your dog’s energy.


Dogs that are not taken for walks are deprived of an activity which is fundamental to their happiness and well being. Take your dog on frequent walks. All dogs require a minimum of two a day. The territory around your neighbourhood is a haven for your dog to explore and investigate. Whatever the weather, your dog must be walked. Make sure that you have a good strong lead and that you maintain control of your dog at all times. If your dog pulls on the lead training will help. Alternatively special harnesses are available in all pet shops to address this problem. Dogs in Distress recommends a Lupi harness for dogs that pull on the lead.

Agility classes

More and more dog owners in Ireland are taking their dogs to agility classes. An agility course is like an obstacle course for your dog. If you like, your dog can compete in agility competitions where dogs are classed by size. Dogs enjoy the challenge and the physical exercise that agility training offers. Owners enjoy the experience too! If you would like some recommendations on agility classes in your area why not post in the Dogs in Distress Forum in the Advice area.

Interact with your dog

You are the center of your dog’s world. Reward that loyalty with your time and attention. Pet him, talk to him and play with him. Let your dog know that you value his company.