Before your Dog Arrives

Before your dog or puppy arrives at your home you should ensure that you have everything he needs. If you have the right equipment it will help your dog to settle in, while making your life easier. Read through the check list below and consider what you might need.

Check list:

1. Food and treats
Visit our Nutrition page to learn about the best food for your dog.

2. Collar and lead
Your dog should wear a collar with a buckle at all times. The collar should be tight enough that it will not slide over the dog’s ears, but loose enough that you can fit two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. Check the fit of the collar often, especially if you have a fast-growing puppy.

3. I.D. Tag
All Dogs in Distress dogs are microchipped. Your dog should also wear an identification tag on his collar all times. This will increase the chances of your dog being returned to you quickly if he is lost.

4. Bed and bedding
Every dog needs a quiet place to call his own. On arrival in your home show your dog his new bed. He may like to sit there for a while as he settles in.

5. Toys
Toys are particularly important for puppies, but older dogs like to play with toys too. Provide your dog with a variety of toys to prevent him from playing with your socks and shoes, your news paper, or your child’s favourite doll. Get some toys that you and your dog can play with together, such as balls and some things to keep him busy when he’s alone, such as chew toys or rope bones. Never leave your dog unattended with any toy small enough to swallow, or any toy that has small, detachable parts.

6. Dog-proof your home
Prepare your home before your new dog arrives. Move breakables or “chewables” to higher ground. Make electrical cords inaccessible to curious paws and noses. Block off any area of the house that you want off-limits to the dog. Put the lid down on your toilet and your shoes in the press, out of harms reach.

7. Make a schedule
In addition to buying equipment you should make some plans in advance of your dog’s arrival. You and your family members should decide who will be responsible for food, water, walking, exercise, clean-up and grooming. Post a schedule of tasks in a visible area of the house to remind everyone of their responsibilities.

Now you are ready to take your dog home.

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