Grooming your Dog


All dogs should be groomed regularly for health and best appearance. Some short-coated breeds need just a quick brushing every week, while some longer-coated breeds need daily brushing to prevent matting and to reduce shedding.

Nail clipping

Keeping your dog’s nails short will keep him comfortable, prevent injury to his feet, and may save the surface of your floors. It is possible to clip your dog’s nails yourself, but before you attempt it for the first time ask your veterinarian for advice.

Teeth cleaning

Prevent tooth decay and gum disease by cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly. Most dogs will accept a toothbrush if introduced to it slowly and gently. You can also give your dog a raw bone to chew on (with supervision in case of choking)or products such as hard biscuits, rope bones and nylon chews to keep his teeth clean.

Anal glands

If your dog is scooting, or dragging his behind on the floor he may need to have his anal glands expressed. A professional groomer or vet can carry out the procedure for a small cost and provide further advice.