Alternative Remedies

​Dogs in Distress advocates both conventional medicine and alternative remedies for dogs. Our commitment to alternative approaches is based on the positive results that we have seen in our dogs as a result of their application.

In this section we provide information on some of the alternative approaches that we are happy to recommend. Where appropriate we will also recommend practitioners of alternative remedies who we have worked with.

Tellington TTouch

Tellington TTouch is a wonderful way to work with animals, without fear of force. It provides a way of working with your dog to address problems or just to build a happy relationship encouraging mutual respect and trust. TTouch incorporates a mixture of Body work and Ground work. It can be used to address a range of problems including fear of the vet, general nervousness, separation anxiety, noise sensitivity, stress, car sickness, spinning, fear biting and excessive vocalising.

TTouch builds up self confidence, teaching the animal to become more focused and to think for himself. TTouch is something you can do for your dog to enhance his quality of life. It provides a natural calming way for your dog to build confidence and develop self control. For the individual TTouch will help you to improve your understanding of your dog and build a better relationship with him/her.

Dogs in Distress recommends TTouch expert Mickey Parker. Mickey runs small group courses in TTouch and can also see you and your dog for an individual appointment. Mickey Parker can be contacted at 087 224 3554