Dog Training


Training will teach your dog what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in your home. Training also goes beyond this in helping to build the bond between dog and human. A dog that is well trained will fit harmoniously into your household. An obedient dog can be confidently introduced to other humans and dogs and be taken to public places and social events. Therefore a well trained dog will be able to experience and enjoy a more varied and interactive life.

Motivational / Reward Based Training

Dogs in Distress only recommends motivational and reward based training. You will find lots of useful content on dog training online or visit your local library or bookshop for books on the subject. Obedience training classes are often a good way to begin training your dog or pup. At classes your dog or can socialise with other dogs. The one-on-one advice that a professional dog trainer provides can help to get your home based dog training sessions off to a flying start.