We met up with a lot of old friends at the Rose Festival in Clontarf recently but the one we were happiest to see was Dana, a beautiful young Spaniel.

Dana had been through a lot when she came into our care at Dogs in Distress. Unfortunately, an injury to her hind leg meant it had to be amputated but she recovered quickly and was soon up and about the place.

Dana was fostered by Elsa for ten months, during which time she proved to be a real sweetheart – affectionate, playful, trusting and with the most soulful eyes. She also proved to be very friendly to other dogs and people, especially those who stop to admire her because she is so gorgeous!

Despite her missing limb, Dana knows how to enjoy life. She is still a very young dog and can be a bit mischievous, as her new owners will soon find out!

We are so happy to see Dana homed. She deserves the best life has to offer and we are sure she’ll get it with her new family. Over ten months, Dana has gone from being a shy, quiet dog to a confident, playful and lively one. We are so proud of her and wish her a long, happy and healthy life.

A happy ending for Dana

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