Cooper 9mt old Lab X HOMED

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Cooper 9mt old Lab X HOMED

Postby kaydoyle » Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:49 pm

Cooper is a 9 month old lab cross who is possibly one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve ever met! He loves attention, playing games (his favourite being tug of war)learning new commands and most of all lots of cuddles. Cooper loves to please and would do anything for treats and cuddles.

Cooper is a big dog for his age and doesn’t realise his size so often knocks things/people over and still jumps up to greet his favourite people but this is improving. He is very enthusiastic! He is getting better every day on the lead but doesn’t like meeting other dogs on the lead. He loves to go to the park and be off lead as much as possible and mostly plays well with other dogs in that situation. Because of his size, other people can find him intimidating but he’s a gentle giant once you get to know him. Cooper is still mostly afraid of strangers ( men more so than women)and will give a big bark but then run and hide behind your legs for protection. He hates the doorbell! He is completely house trained and apart from his first night has never had an accident in the house . We have also trained him not to go upstairs (depends on the house I suppose if he is allowed or not!). He’s brilliant now at travelling in the car but has to stay in the boot with a gate otherwise he’d be on your lap while trying to drive!

Cooper hates being on his own so would do best in a busy family with another playful dog. He is very well behaved around children and is more often afraid of them until he gets to know them, then instinctively plays with them more gently. He does love his food so no toddlers walking around with food in their hands! And don’t leave him alone with their toys or slippers!

His favourite toys are balls on rope, anything he can chew and his Kong stuffed with his favourite grain & patè! He likes to chase the ball if there is another dog to compete with but gets bored easily on his own and would much rather a tug of war.

Cooper is in great health with the most beautiful, soft coat, and is a good eater. He loves lying at your feet in the evenings in front of the fire after a long walk.
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