Pete - Terrier x *Reserved*

Read stories of dogs who found their forever homes. Please keep us updated on how your new family member is settling in - we love to hear how they are getting on. It makes it all worthwhile!
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Pete - Terrier x *Reserved*

Postby stefandjudy » Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:36 am

Pete is 18 months old, This fella found us last Wednesday. We saw him running around for a couple of days, then on Wednesday eve he followed us home, ran upstairs and pretty much refused to leave. He must have been stray for a while because he is very skinny and he was wrecked; He slept for 16hours solid. We have decided to foster him until he gets a home. Basil isn’t that impressed but he will have to get over it.

Pete is a real good natured little dog, he is still very much a pup and all he wants to do is play; everything is a game. He gets on well with other dogs and he is house-trained to a certain extent. He has had one or two accidents but that is nothing that a bit of training won’t fix. He is good on the lead, but not off; he bolts every time he sees another dog. He is a bit nervous so I think he might have been mistreated. I haven’t tested him with children but his nature tells me that he would be fine. I think He would make a perfect family dog.

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