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Nutrition for your dog

Dry versus tinned food Keep your dog healthy by feeding him good quality food and maintaining an appropriate weight. A good diet will cut down on future veterinary bills and also minimise fouling and smells. Tinned foods are full of sugar, salt and other additives and are not good for dogs. They also represent bad […]

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Crate Training your Dog or Puppy

Some people may make the mistake of believing that putting your dog into a crate is cruel and the equivalent of being in prison. What they don’t know is that when used properly a crate provides a cosy and secure den for your dog to call his own. Whilst it is great for your dog […]

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Lead training

Lead training puppies Puppies will find lead training stressful at first. Start by putting the lead on your puppy and allow him to wander around an enclosed area, e.g. a garden, with the lead trailing behind him. In this way the pup does not associate the lead with limiting his desire to investigate. Do this […]

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Training your Dog

Training your Dog

Training will teach your dog what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in your home. Training also goes beyond this in helping to build the bond between dog and human. A dog that is well trained will fit harmoniously into your household. An obedient dog can be confidently introduced to other humans and dogs and be […]

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Neutering your Dog

The only way to be sure your dog doesn’t produce unwanted puppies is to have your dog neutered. Intact male dogs and females in heat have an uncanny way of finding each other, and breeding can occur in an instant. All Dogs in Distress dogs of 6 months or over are neutered before being homed. […]

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Alternative Remedies

Dogs in Distress advocates both conventional medicine and alternative remedies for dogs. Our commitment to alternative approaches is based on the positive results that we have seen in our dogs as a result of their application. In this section we provide information on some of the alternative approaches that we are happy to recommend. Where […]

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Veterinary Care

Vaccinate Dogs should follow a strict schedule of vaccinations to prevent diseases. Keep your dog up to date on his vaccinations, following the schedule recommended by your vet. Keep a copy of your dog’s vaccination records in a safe place. Fleas and worms Aside from discomfort, parasites such as fleas and worms can cause serious […]

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Grooming your Dog

Brushing All dogs should be groomed regularly for health and best appearance. Some short-coated breeds need just a quick brushing every week, while some longer-coated breeds need daily brushing to prevent matting and to reduce shedding. Nail clipping Keeping your dog’s nails short will keep him comfortable, prevent injury to his feet, and may save […]

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Exercise and Play

Dogs need regular exercise to ensure continuing good health. Exercise and play will benefit your dog’s health and could prevent behavioural problems. Dogs love to play. Set aside time each day for play sessions. Apart from the obvious benefit of having fun together, play also provides an outlet for your dog’s energy. Walking Dogs that […]

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