Application Form to Foster a Rescue Dog

Please complete the online form below and hit submit. The details that you provide will help us to match you with the foster dog best suited to your home and circumstances.

Before you complete the form…

  • You must be over 21 years of age to foster a dog for Dogs in Distress.
  • It is necessary for the head of your household to agree to allow a dog to be fostered in your home. If you are not this person please discuss your interest in fostering with the head of household and be sure that they are in agreement before you complete the foster application form.

Fostering can sometimes be hard work but is always hugely rewarding. Without our dedicated network of fosterers Dogs in Distress could not save the lives of hundreds of dogs every year.

A foster dog may come from a situation where he spent his life isolated in a back garden, he may have spent months straying. Generally speaking, all of our foster dogs have been let down badly by human beings. We believe these dogs deserve a second chance and an upgrade in life. Our fosterers provide the love and care that in the past our foster dogs have often been deprived of.

As part of the foster application process a Dogs in Distress volunteer will phone you to discuss the details that you provide in this form. Please provide as much detail as possible, this allows us to match you with a foster dog that is best suited to your home. Dogs in Distress foster dogs must be kept in your home and treated as a member of the family. Dogs in Distress covers any veterinary costs. If you require food, bedding, toys etc we can provide them to you.

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